Referral FAQ


Who's an advocate?

An advocate is someone who refers others to In other words, an Advocate is a referrer in our referral program.

Who can refer someone to

Anyone 18 years or older who is a legal resident of the U.S. can refer someone to Share the love!

How do I refer someone to and earn credit?

You can refer someone by clicking on our "Give $20, get $20" link available on the site's top navigation bar, site-wide ribbon as well as on your account page.

What is a qualified referral?

A qualified referral is a friend who purchases through your referral prompt and link. They must meet the minimum order amount as well as other criteria. See our terms of use for more detail.

My friend placed an order, but I haven't received my account credit yet. Why is that?

If you haven't received account credit, that could mean one or more things:

  • The waiting period isn't over. This is the period of time we wait after your friend places an order to make sure the order and referral are valid before rewarding you with account credit. That can take up to 35 days from the time your friend placed an order.
  • Your friend placed an order that doesn't meet our minimum purchase amount or some other criteria.
  • You friend placed an order using a different email address than the one you used to refer them.
  • We detected fraudulent activity or a self-referral with the order.

For more details, please refer to our terms of use.

I have earned referral credit. How do I view and access it now?

You can view your earned account credit by logging into your account (signing up when you don't have an account with and navigating to your account page.

How can I apply account credit to my order?

If you have non-expired account credit, you will be able to apply it to your total purchase amount at checkout.

Does my account credit have an expiration date?

Yes, account credit has an expiration date. So please, act fast when you receive it. Refer to our terms of use for more details on credit expiration.

Where can I find my account credit balance and other referral details?

You can view your account credit balance by visiting this Rewards URL or by navigating to your account page and clicking on Rewards.

If you have been granted account credit for qualified referrals, you will be able to find your balance reflecting that on the Rewards dashboard. The Rewards dashboard includes other helpful information such as the email addresses or phone numbers of friends you have shared your referral link with and the status of their referral.


A friend referred me, but I am unable to get the offer?

Make sure you're accessing the site using the same link you received when you unlocked the offer. Depending on where you heard about us from, you can find that link in your inbox or older text messages.

Also, sometimes the offer isn't instantly visible until you add items to your cart and reach your cart page; please do that before thinking the offer isn't available.

Do I have to meet the minimum purchase amount?

Yes. Refer to your referral offer details to know the minimum cart amount you must meet to get the offer.

Does the referral offer shared with me by a friend expire?

Yes, the offer expires. Act fast. Refer to terms of use for more details on offer expiration.

Can I combine my referral offer with other offers like the email subscription offer?

No. Your referral offer cannot be combined with other site offers such as the newsletter subscription offer.