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Parma Champagne Frame

Two women in an hp Calcott c Like many early car makers Calcott had previously made bicycles The small company became one of hundreds of car makers in the s producing cars for the mass market The models ranged from light hp cars to the litre hp intended for the prosperous owner Calcotts were made before Singer acquired the company in

Transportation Art

Partake in a sailing regatta or feel the wind in your hair cruising in a ‘Vette. Go places without leaving home. Give wings to self-expression with our transportation art collection.

Pick the perfect ride for your walls from mega jets, cool kayaks to vintage race cars. Get them wall-ready and fabulous in our handcrafted frames, starting at $59. Famous works of art from this collection include Monet’s Sailboat, Sleep Balloon by Nancy Tillman. Vapor Helicopter by Banksy.

Figurative Art

Think reality delights? You bet your walls do too. So, why not introduce them to our collection of figurative art. Make acquaintance with inspiring muses of famous masters or get a glimpse of pop culture icons caught on camera. Any masterpieces you choose will give your space a unique story to share in our handcrafted frames.

This genre of art involves a realistic depiction of living as well as inanimate objects. Artists like Jean Michel Basquiat, Norman Rockwell, and Banksy are renowned for giving a platform to cultural commentary and human experiences through their art.

Two Women in an 11.9 Hp Calcott, C1922-null-Framed Photographic Print

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