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'The grief of the sister of Horatius, c1912 (1912)
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'The grief of the sister of Horatius, c1912 (1912). 'When she saw Horatius wearing on his shoulders the cloak of her betrothed, she broke into bitter sobs'. After the appointment of the third king of Rome Tullus Hostilius (673 BC-642 BC), Roman and Alban countrymen quarrelled escalating to a battle. Tullus sent three Roman champions, the Horatii brothers and the Alban king Mettius sent three brothers named Curiatii. The Roman champion Publius Horatius was triumphant in killing the Curiatii. Upon returning to Rome Horatius was cursed by his sister for killing her betrothed, to which Horatius replied So perish the Roman Maiden who shall weep for her country's enemy, killing her with his sword. Horatius was sentenced to death for the crime. However, after making a final plea to the people he was set free. From The Story of Rome, by Mary MacGregor. [Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd., 1912]