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24" x 18"
Photographic Print

Saturn. Sequence showing the axial tilt of the gas giant planet Saturn. The images were taken about a year apart (from 1996 at lower left, to 2000 at upper right). The relative motion of Saturn and Earth around the Sun produce different views of the tilted ring system, from edge-on (lower left) to open (upper right). This axial tilt causes seasons in the 29-Earth-years Saturn year. This sequence (autumn to winter in northern hemisphere) was captured using the Hubble Space Telescope Wide Field Planetary Camera 2. Saturn has a diameter of around 120,000 kilometres. It orbits the Sun at a mean distance of around 1400 million kilometres.

Seasonal Art

Would you rather see fall colors all year long or spring landscapes? No matter what season you prefer, make it everlasting with our seasons’ art collection. Explore from winter scenery to summery fruits and so much more! This collection will make you and your loved ones smile!

Make your favorite season art more vivid with our professionally hand-stretched canvas! Hyunah Kim, Vincent Van Gogh, Duy Hunh, Agnes Cecile have created some of our best-selling seasons art.