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  • A celebration of light and color, Sung Kim’s “Overlook Café I” is a peaceful, seaside town peppered with cascades of flowers and quaint buildings. Kim, a native of Seoul, South Korea, previously worked from his own studio, creating illustrations for magazines and children’s books. Kim, who now lives in the US, has painted over 400 landscapes, receiving several awards.
An amazing array of up to eighteen miles of yarn coming together to form a wonderfully unique work of art Tapestries are incredibly durable since they are unbreakable and can be moved touched dropped ironed or vacuumed and can be easily stored The imagery you selected has been woven using European jacquard looms creating a perceptible and tangible texture and warmth to the art The texture adds dimensionality to the image which when viewed at a subtle distance creates major visual impact A metal rod and finial are included in addition to brackets and hardware for easy hanging brbull Made in the USA
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