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  • Final Dimensions (width x height): 47.5" x 13.5"
This serigraph is an artisan print with a stunning paint-like vibrancy and viscosity. Also known as screen printing or silk screening, serigraphy is a printing process by which inks are forced through a mesh screen and applied to the surface of the print. The result is a brilliantly hued work of art that retains its beauty for a lifetime.
Order, logic and purpose exist within the apparent chaos of “No Brush, 1987” by Sam Francis. Originally a student of botany, psychology and medicine, Francis (1923 – 1994) merged creativity with science in his art. His seemingly random, unstructured works were designed to show space, light, symmetry and patterns. The colors and forms of this piece evolved entirely from drips and splashes of paint in a style called Tachisme. A Zen Buddhist, Francis filled his art with yin and yang opposites, starting all of his pieces as black and white proofs, which intensified the final color prints. Read More
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