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Jurassic Life, Artwork
12" x 16"
Photographic Print

Jurassic life. Artwork of a forest with prehistoric creatures that existed during the Jurassic Period (200 to 145 million years ago) in what is now North Yorkshire, England, UK. Here two pterodactyls are flying over a river surrounded by various plants including horsetails, cycads, bennettitalians, cypress trees, ginkgos, and tall araucarian pines. On the riverbank are two gavials (crocodilians) while in the water is a coelurosaur (lower right) and another gavial catching a fish.

Animal Art

Keep your furry and feathery friends close, whether they are a galloping stallion or a dog taking a selfie. Our gallery is here to turn empty walls into a cute and quirky display of animal art.

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