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  • Final Dimensions (width x height): 14" x 11"
This art print displays sharp, vivid images with a high degree of color accuracy. A member of the versatile family of art prints, this high-quality reproduction represents the best of both worlds: quality and affordability. Art prints are created using a digital or offset lithography press.
“Female Figure with Head of Flowers” contains the ordinary, symbol-laden objects that defined Surrealist genius Salvador Dali’s dreamlike work. Often substituting heads with other objects, Dali (1904 – 1989) used flowers in this work to represent his distaste for the rich people who favored the Surrealist group. Intentionally simulating paranoiac dementia with his artwork, Dali first based his images upon his on imaginings, and later, upon Freud’s psychological texts. Read More
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Female Figure with Head of Flowers, 1937

Salvador Dalí
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14" x 11"
Final Dimensions14" x 11"
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