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Early Cretaceous life Artwork of a number of different prehistoric creatures that existed around million years ago during the Barremian era of the Early Cretaceous period around million years ago in what is now the Wessex Formation on the Isle of Wight UK Two Iguanodon centre left can be seen among a number of smaller Hypsilophodons one of which has been caught by a Goniopholis crocodile A spiny Polocanthus lower left feeds on some plants while a Baryonyx is catching a fish in the river Caulkichphalus and Istiodactylus pterosaurs fly overhead and a Brachiosaurus watches from the far bank

Animal Art

Keep your furry and feathery friends close, whether they are a galloping stallion or a dog taking a selfie. Our gallery is here to turn empty walls into a cute and quirky display of animal art.

Psst! Did you know chimpanzees, elephants, and dolphins are some of the most intelligent mammals out there?

Work by Richard Bizley

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