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Coloured TEM of Leptospira Sp. Bacterium
19" x 13"
Coloured TEM of Leptospira Sp. Bacterium--Framed Photographic Print
Your Essential White Frame

False colour transmission electron micrograph of the bacterium Leptospira sp which occurs as a long thin spiral x micrometres in size The bacterium is coloured red Leptospira is one of a group of helical bacteria called spirochaetes which contains many serious pathogens The parasitic species L icterohaemorrhagiae causes leptospirosis known as Weills disease which affects the liver jaundice or the meninges of the brain meningitis Infection is through contact with rodents dogs farm animals farmers sewage workers veterinary surgeons are susceptible to the organism Treatment is with penicillin Magnification x at mm size