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  • Final Dimensions (width x height): 18" x 12"
This photographic print is digitally printed on archival photographic paper resulting in vivid, pure color and exceptional detail that is suitable for museum or gallery display.
False-colour transmission electron micrograph of a mitochondrion from an unidentified cell. Mitochondria are the sites of cell respiration; the chemical process which uses molecular oxygen to oxidise sugars & fats in order to produce energy. The energy is stored as adenosine triphosphate (ATP) & is used by the cell to drive chemical reactions such as protein formation. Mitochondria are bound by a double membrane. The inner membrane is folded to produce ingrowths called cristae (seen here as a series of paired, parallel pink lines), which are the sites where the chemical reactions of respiration occur. Mag: x 48,000 at 6x7cm, x 24,000 at 35mm size. Read More
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Cell Mitochondrion

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