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Carl Sagan, US Astronomer
12" x 18"
Giclee Print

Carl Edward Sagan US astronomer and astrochemist Sagan was a consultant and adviser to NASA and worked on the Apollo mission as well as the Mariner Viking Voyager and Galileo space probes and planetary exploration programs He proposed theories to explain the high temperature of Venus the seasonal changes on Mars and the reddish haze of Titan He was a prominent sceptic and populariser of science writing many books on the subject He also campaigned for nuclear disarmament and spoke at the conference of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War in Moscow in the summer of Photographed in in Moscow Russia

Figurative Art

Think reality delights? You bet your walls do too. So, why not introduce them to our collection of figurative art. Make acquaintance with inspiring muses of famous masters or get a glimpse of pop culture icons caught on camera. Any masterpieces you choose will give your space a unique story to share in our handcrafted frames.

This genre of art involves a realistic depiction of living as well as inanimate objects. Artists like Jean Michel Basquiat, Norman Rockwell, and Banksy are renowned for giving a platform to cultural commentary and human experiences through their art.