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Ariane rocket launch artwork This Ariane rockets two solidfuel booster rockets have just separated from the main stage The fairing upper right contains the payload The Ariane launch system is used by the European Space Agency and the French space agency CNES to place satellites and other heavy payloads in Earth orbit Ariane launches carried out by Arianespace began in Over successful launches have taken place since lifting off from facilities at the Guiana Space Centre Centre Spatial Guyanais near Kourou in French Guiana The rockets ascend over the Atlantic Ocean

Transportation Art

Partake in a sailing regatta or feel the wind in your hair cruising in a ‘Vette. Go places without leaving home. Give wings to self-expression with our transportation art collection.

Pick the perfect ride for your walls from mega jets, cool kayaks to vintage race cars. Get them wall-ready and fabulous in our handcrafted frames, starting at $59. Famous works of art from this collection include Monet’s Sailboat, Sleep Balloon by Nancy Tillman. Vapor Helicopter by Banksy.

Work by David Ducros

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