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A Pan-Anglican Oversight, 1867
18" x 24"

A PanAnglican Oversight Surrounded by their growing family the curate and his wife have anxiously awaited news of some improvement in their situation The wife asks Any help for our difficulties Dear to which her husband replies O No Love We poor curates are not even mentioned After the relatively recent publications of works questioning established tenets of Anglican faith particularly those of Bishop Colenso and the collective efforts of the seven authors of Essays and Reviews the PanAnglican Synod had felt a need to meet to discuss the best way of promoting the reunion of Christendom and ancillary matters to do with Church discipline and promotion of the Churchs message Mr Punch believed that the actual results of this process had been negligible and in this cartoon the hardest working member of the Church the curate finds that he has not been mentioned

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This genre of art involves a realistic depiction of living as well as inanimate objects. Artists like Jean Michel Basquiat, Norman Rockwell, and Banksy are renowned for giving a platform to cultural commentary and human experiences through their art.