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  by Giuseppe Arcimboldo   Item #: 2647023
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Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1527 – 1593) was famous for painting human faces created entirely with fruit, vegetables, books and animals. Born in Italy, Arcimboldo originally designed stained-glass windows and frescoes with his father at the Milan Cathedral. He later became the court painter for Emperors Ferdinand I, Maximilian II and Rudolph II. During this period, he painted fantastical, allegorical facial collages, which grace many of today’s museums, including the Louvre. Arcimboldo’s work lost popularity after his death, regaining acclaim after its rediscovery by the Surrealists.
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Art on Metal
without border: 10 x 13 in
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  • Art Print
  • This digital pigment print is produced on a medium-weight 260 g/sm paper and coated with a semi-gloss luster finish that protects the inks and creates a vibrant look. Printed with archival inks that are designed with a lightfastness rating of more than 100 years.
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