Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood 1952

By: Philippe Halsman Item #: 1258243 1258243
Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood 1952 Framed Art Print
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  by Philippe Halsman   Item #: 1258243
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Marilyn Monroe’s iron will matches the iron she’s pumping in this insightful photo by Philippe Halsman. Halsman set the standard for photography of celebrities, intellectuals and politicians with three decades of magazine photography, including a record 101 “Life” covers. Halsman reveals the human being behind the glamour in this inspirational portrait of Marilyn Monroe.
Philippe Halsman rejuvenated celebrity photography, pioneering experimental photography. Arriving in America with only a suitcase and camera after fleeing the Paris Nazi invasion, Halsman (1906 – 1979) soon shot a record 101 covers for “Life” magazine. He was known for provoking celebrities and photographing them jumping to reveal their spontaneous selves. Also collaborating with artist Salvador Dali for 30 years, Halsman created a famous image of Dali, water, cats and furniture frozen in midair.
  • 28 x 22 in
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  • Framed Art Print
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Frame: RONDA Black (0.375 in)
Finished Size: 28 x 22 in
Protective Layer: Acrylic: Clear
Mat 1: None , Mat 2: , Mat 3:
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