Earth Zone II

By: Lazlo Emmerich Item #: 6672822 6672822
Earth Zone II Framed Art Print
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  by Lazlo Emmerich   Item #: 6672822
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Lazlo Emmerich’s artwork radiates tranquility, expressed through isolated trees and warm, sunrise colors. Originally from Germany and raised in the Netherlands, Emmerich was so artistically gifted, he became an apprentice to renowned painter Otto Van’t Sant when he was still a teenager. Emmerich experimented with poetry, politics and large-scale artwork before embracing the subtle, rustically colored images and distressed surfaces that have become his signature. Emmerich believes that beauty, purity and enrichment emanate from the solitude expressed in his work.
  • 35 x 35 in
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  • Framed Art Print
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Frame: PARMA Black (1.375 in)
Finished Size: 35 x 35 in
Protective Layer: Clear Acrylic 33x33
Mat 1: None Soft White , Mat 2: Smooth Black , Mat 3:
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