Autumn in Argenteuil

By: Claude Monet Item #: 2307396 2307396
Autumn in Argenteuil Framed Art Print
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  by Claude Monet   Item #: 2307396
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Fascinated with the constantly changing qualities of color and light, legendary Impressionist Claude Monet (1840 – 1925) only painted outdoors. Painting fleeting moments and atmospheric effects, rather than traditionally accepted interpretations of a subject, Monet created new artistic standards. Converting a boat into a studio, he often worked on the water near his home in Argenteuil, France. “Autumn at Argenteuil, 1873” exemplifies his aptitude for reducing a surface to its essential nuances portrayed in clear pastels.
Claude Monet (1840 – 1926) pioneered Impressionism, profoundly influencing landscape painting. From Paris, Monet met the nucleus of his Impressionist group while attending the studio of Glenyre. Making a break from established painting techniques, Monet captured the fleeting effects of time of day, atmosphere and season upon color and light. Like a prism, his artwork broke color into individual elements, and completely lacked black and gray tones. Monet often painted the exact same view numerous times to depict changing light and weather conditions. Refining the portrayal of natural light’s transient effects, his work broke ground for 20th century modernism.
  • 37 x 29.5 in
Product Type
  • Framed Art Print
  • This art print was created using a sophisticated digital printer. The Giclee printing process delivers a fine stream of ink on archival paper, resulting in vivid, pure color and exceptional detail that is suitable for museum or gallery display.
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Frame: ALLURE (2 in)
Finished Size: 37 x 29.5 in
Protective Layer: Acrylic: Clear
Mat 1: None Soft White , Mat 2: , Mat 3:
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